New Daughters have their say

US edition of New Daughters of Africa

Harriet Evans (l-r), Nah Dove, Shezan Renny, Angela Cobbinah

I HEAR that the book my colleague Angela Cobbinah wrote a chapter for is to be launched in South Africa, Nigeria and the US.

Called New Daughters of Africa, it’s a book with a wide appeal but also a special one for women of African descent, and of some significance to London.

Angela Cobbinah writes movingly of her early years as the only black girl in a small Cornish town, a little memoir that caught the eye of the editor Margaret Busby.

My picture shows Nah Dove and Angela Cobbinah after an event in the Owl Bookshop in north London – Nah, an academic of Highgate, was also among the 200 writers in the book, appearing alongside Chimamanda Adichie and Zadie Smith.

Nah and Angela were in conversation with Harriet Evans and Shezan Renny of Highgate Labour Party.

The book’s US edition has just been launched in New York by Amistad, an imprint of publishing giant HarperCollins, and is due to soon be separately unveiled in South Africa and Nigeria.

Margaret Busby attended the event before flying to a book festival in Trinidad.

This article appeared in the John Gulliver column, Camden New Journal, May 9 2019

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