Leave Corbyn alone

Can’t they give the the guy a break? I’m not just talking about the deranged mainstream press onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn or his venal Labour colleagues stabbing him in the back at every opportunity,  but about some of his so-called supporters, too.

Less than a week into his leadership and the more-radical-than-thou brigade have begun to denounce him for not being combattive enough while under fire. Likewise, his lieutenant John McDonnell got it in the neck for appearing humble and apologetic for supposed past misdeeds on Question Time the other night. Don’t they realise that team Corbyn is swimming in shark infested waters and that it is better to jump on a passing raft than being eaten alive; that while they are being arm chair revolutionaries, Corbyn and co are well and truly in the thick of it.

Corbyn – parliamentary fightback

Corbyn – parliamentary fightback

Rome was not built in a day and mistakes will be made along the way. It is not just down to Corbyn and his lieutenants to change things but the rank and file of the Labour Party. While the press do their best to belittle or monster Corbyn at every turn, they have conveniently ignored the fact that 50,000 new members have signed up since he won the leadership on Saturday. That shows how ever much they rant about him, it just isn’t hitting home. The incredible support that Corbyn received during the leadership contest has a momentum all of its own, one that is rooted in  deep distaste for the current dispensation. In this regard, the media are seen as part of the problem.

These new members are turning Labour into the biggest political party in the land. Instead of celebrating   the good news, some Labour MPs are apparently seeking solace in the arms of the Liberal Democrats. I say good riddance but make sure you stand down and fight for your seat under your new colours. As for those on the left who are already writing Corbyn off, they should stop believing what they read in the press.

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