‘The Way We Are’

Formidable husband and wife team Jessica and Eric Huntley have been at the forefront of  black people’s struggles in Britain for the last half a century Eric Huntley would leave his house every morning to go to work in his job as an insurance underwriter. His wife Jessica would stay behind with their three children, … Continue reading


Africa house

How a house in north London became the centre of the anti-colonial struggle  It was built as the very image of Victorian respectability, a handsome four-storey villa for a well to do family in one of the leafier parts of Camden Town. But in 1938, number one South Villas in Camden Square was taken over … Continue reading


The great escape

 A half a century before US emancipation, hundreds of liberated American slaves were given land in Trinidad after fleeing their plantations to fight for the British      In the early 19th century nearly 800 former American slaves settled in Trinidad after the British helped them to freedom during the War of 1812, the last armed conflict … Continue reading